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AI 101 for Training Business Owners

Navigating the AI Landscape: A Primer for Seasoned Training Professionals

If you’ve been in the training industry for a while, terms like ‘LLM’ and ‘AI ‘can seem like bewildering buzzwords - perhaps even existential threats. But looking past the jargon, AI offers new opportunities to enhance the value and efficiency of training programs in powerful ways. Here are a few key pointers to make sense of things and ease lingering anxieties:

Let’s start with a quick clarification. LLM stands for ‘Large Language Model’, like GPT-4. This refers to a type of AI system specifically designed to understand and generate human language text and speech. So unlike AI for self-driving cars or medical diagnoses, LLMs focus on communicating and interacting more like people.

How can LLMs boost training? At a basic level, they allow highly customized, interactive e-learning experiences. Think tailored interactive role playing simulations and microlearning bites vs. rigid multiple choice assessments. Going further, AI can curate content, propose interventions, or offer coaching based on an individual’s strengths, needs and role using natural language and not rigid code.

The core promise here is being able to scale personalized, adaptive learning guidance once only possible in expensive, high touch programs. LLM-powered AI can also handle administrative tasks from scheduling to reporting - reducing the burdens of manual work. This liberates designers and coaches to focus on higher value, human centric activities like building relationships, nurturing growth, designing creative interventions and shaping company culture.

Of course skeptics argue relying on AI diminishes the human element that’s so core to impactful learning. But thoughtfully combined, people + AI advance each other’s performance to levels not possible alone. Mentoring, relationship building, emotional intelligence, ethics - these remain distinctly human skills.

In closing, rather than replace proven practices honed over years, look at AI guided solutions as a way to amplify human-centric learning by taking the burden of repetitive tasks off the shoulders of talented professionals. Adopting AI is not about upending hard won experience but rather moving from solid foundations into a future combining the best of both. The companies that will own the future realize gains come not from AI or humans alone, but thoughtfully integrated AI x Humans partnerships.

The formulas for long term success remain largely the same - even as these powerful new tools promise to accelerate reaching exciting new possibilities. With an open yet critical eye, there’s much savvy industry vets can gain.

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