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What's New: Key Findings in the Q1-2024 AI Benchmark Report for LMS CEOs & Investors

Updated: Feb 21

Philadelphia, PA - In a pioneering AI Benchmark Report for LMS CEOs and Investors, released today by JK Research, the consultancy firm presents an exhaustive analysis of artificial intelligence (AI) adoption across learning management systems (LMS). Among 560 evaluated LMS platforms, only 68 have been identified as AI-Leaders for incorporating AI features, underscoring a significant lag in meeting market demands.

The study uncovers a notable discrepancy between the high customer demand for AI functionalities in LMS and the limited number of providers that offer such features. "Over 80% of LMS buyers want embedded AI, but barely 10% of LMSs currently offer AI-enabled features," states Dario Priolo, Founder of JK Research and the study's lead author. This gap highlights a critical opportunity for LMS companies to align their offerings with market expectations.

A detailed breakdown of AI features among the 68 AI-Leaders shows:

  • 42 offer AI Authoring

  • 19 AI Personalization

  • 14 AI Coaching

  • 11 AI Assistance

  • 2 AI Reporting & Analytics, and

  • 2 AI Proctoring.

Interestingly, the focus of these AI features predominantly benefits administrative users, rather than the end learners, indicating a strategic emphasis on operational efficiency and content management.

JK Research's study serves as a wake-up call for LMS companies to embrace AI technologies or risk falling behind in an increasingly competitive market. The full report is available on JK Research's website and offers invaluable insights for CEOs and investors in the LMS space.

About JK Research

JK Research is a prominent consultancy specializing in the HR Technology and training sectors, offering strategic insights and technical prowess to foster innovation and growth. The firm aids CEOs and investors in navigating the complexities of growth, exit strategies, product development, and market positioning, focusing on leveraging AI to drive business success.


Dario Priolo, JK Research Founder and Principal

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