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6 Essential Topics for Private Equity AI Workshops to Drive Portfolio Value Creation in 2025 and Beyond

As a private equity general partner, driving growth and maximizing the value of your portfolio companies is your north star. With the rapid advancements in artificial intelligence (AI), particularly generative AI, now is the time to seize the opportunity and position your portfolio companies for success in 2025 and beyond. By holding AI workshops this summer, you can level-set your understanding of this transformative technology and explore how to harness its potential to unlock unprecedented value.

AI is no longer a futuristic concept; it is already reshaping industries and redefining what is possible. From automating processes and optimizing operations to enhancing customer experiences and driving innovation, AI has the power to fundamentally transform how businesses operate and compete. As a PE firm, you have a unique opportunity to be at the forefront of this revolution and guide your portfolio companies to capitalize on the AI advantage.

Key Topics for AI Workshops:

1. AI Fundamentals for Business Leaders

  • Demystifying key AI/ML concepts and terminology 

  • Understanding the AI technology landscape and trends

  • Identifying high-impact AI use cases across industries

2. Assessing AI Opportunities Across the Portfolio

  • Frameworks for evaluating AI potential by sector and company

  • Conducting an AI readiness assessment of portfolio companies

  • Prioritizing the highest-value AI initiatives to pursue

3. Leveraging AI for Operational Efficiency 

  • Automating processes with intelligent workflows

  • Optimizing supply chains and resource allocation with AI

  • Enhancing financial forecasting and risk management

4. Driving Top-line Growth with AI

  • Personalizing sales and marketing with AI insights

  • Developing new AI-driven products, services and business models

  • Improving customer experience and loyalty with AI

5. Organizing for AI Success

  • Building the right AI talent, teams and partnerships

  • Establishing AI governance, security and risk management practices

  • Fostering an AI-ready culture and change management approach

6. Scaling AI Across the Enterprise

  • Defining the target AI operating model and roadmap

  • Implementing MLOps for streamlined model development and deployment 

  • Measuring ROI and business value of AI initiatives

By covering these key topics in your AI workshops, you can equip your portfolio company leaders with the knowledge and frameworks to harness AI for value creation. The workshops should balance high-level strategic concepts with practical applications tailored to the PE and portfolio company context. Interactive discussions, case studies and hands-on exercises can help bring the content to life.

The AI revolution is here, and the time to act is now. As a private equity general partner, you have the power to drive the AI agenda across your portfolio and position your companies for outsized success. By holding AI workshops this summer, you can build a shared understanding of the technology's potential, identify the most promising use cases, and develop a roadmap for implementation. 

The value creation opportunity presented by AI is simply too great to ignore. From improving efficiency and productivity to unlocking new revenue streams and business models, AI has the potential to deliver step-change improvements in performance. By getting ahead of the curve and integrating AI into your value creation plans now, you can give your portfolio companies a powerful competitive edge.

So don't wait until 2025 to start planning for the AI future. Seize the opportunity this summer to level-set your understanding, align your teams, and chart a course for AI-powered growth. The PE firms that move quickly to harness the power of AI will be the ones that reap the greatest rewards in the years ahead. Will you be among them?

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