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Evolving Beyond Tactical AI: The Case for Holistic Strategy Transformation in Training Businesses

AI Strategy
Evolving Beyond Tactical AI in HR Tech and Training

As a strategy consultant specializing in AI enablement, my clients increasingly ask me - veteran training company owners - for help "developing an AI strategy." On the surface, this seems like a sensible request from leadership teams looking to capitalize on emerging technologies. However, while tactical AI initiatives can generate incremental efficiency plays, the real value I aim to drive is far more expansive business transformation.

Rather than siloed AI point solutions, the most forward-thinking training houses are reimagining operating models enhanced by new tech-powered business methods. They understand success requires not just bolting on AI tools but holistic commitment towards reenvisioning how to create, market, sell, deliver, and evolve their learning programs.

Consider the expansive impact possible across training value chains:

  • AI content engines help identify cutting-edge topics and automatically generate courseware

  • AI marketing tools predicting customer needs and micro-targeting relevant program offers

  • AI sales assistants qualify leads and recommend tailored commercial packages

  • AI learner advisors on-boarding individuals onto personalized learning paths and optimize skill development

While each application targets incremental efficiency gains and user value, coordinated deployment aligned to strategic goals is where transformational results happen.

This systems perspective requires rethinking outdated operating models that were not built to exploit AI’s exponential change potential across the entire value chain. From revamped R&D processes and org models designed for humans + AI reinvented selling motions leveraging unprecedented visibility into evolving customer needs - enterprise-wide reinvention is imperative.

The savvy training businesses owning the future realize success requires not just bolting on AI tools but holistic commitment towards reimagining entirely new ways of doing business.

So, rather than tactical “AI strategies,” let’s discuss what a top-down re-envisioning of your firm could unveil in this era of exponential technological change. The time for isolated experiments is ending - comprehensive strategies combining unified human and AI capabilities are now the key to outsized growth.

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