This is a high-powered, emerging area of marketing and demand generation

The objective is to create a first mover advantage by identifying prospects who have a need for your services and engaging them in an unforgettable way before your competition does.

We help you identify trigger events and signals that indicate a need for your services. We do this by drawing on our extensive buyer research and augmenting it by analyzing several of your recent wins and losses. Common triggers include new leadership, new strategy announcements in earnings reports and analyst presentations, significant legal or regulatory changes, and rapid growth. We can also include surge data from data providers such as TechTarget, Bombora, TrueInfluence and The Big Willow.

Once a trigger event or signal has been identified, the next step is to blitz the buying center. We help you identify the key players, their contact information, and your value proposition. We leverage our relationship with our sister company, Execugram, to put your value proposition in front of key players in the buying center in a way guaranteed to get you noticed and most often get you an appointment.

Trigger event and predictive marketing programs often move faster to close since there’s an active initiative in the client to buy. When done right, these programs deliver an incredible ROI.