Why They Choose You Over Your Competition


Talk of branding often focuses too heavily on logo design and tag lines. Although those assets are sometimes part of the outcome of our work, we prefer to focus first on the problems you solve for your clients, why they choose you over your competition, and why you do things the way you do.

Although many companies that sell human capital and sales enablement solutions sound similar, most have a unique approach that they believe in and that their customers believe in, too. Customer perspective is critically important because customers spend a lot of time researching competitors and doing their due diligence before selecting you. You want to know why they chose you (or why they didn’t!) so you can build on your strengths and shore up your weaknesses.

Founder and leadership perspective are critical, too, since in smaller companies they have a huge influence on culture and identity. There’s a saying that that “culture eats strategy for breakfast”. Culture can’t be faked and is the essence of your brand.

Working with you, we triangulate the perspectives of your customers, your competition and your leadership to identify the pains customers turn to you to help solve, your approach to solving these problems, and what makes you unique.

Once this is done, you can align other aspects of your business such as your logo and tag line, website, recruiting, new hire onboarding and management training.