Companies in the human capital and sales enablement industries tend to be smaller and don’t have the resources or expertise to develop effective marketing strategy. Often our clients have an idea about their strategy, but it is in the head of the founder or CEO. The strategies are often incomplete, missing important details that will influence the organization’s ability to execute.

We take a very practical approach, outlined below, for helping our clients develop marketing and demand generation strategies that they can implement.

Each stage and activity uncovers unbiased information you need to make good strategic decisions, and results in deliverables that help guide execution. These include:

1. Ideal customer profile and buyer persona definitions
2. Potential customer reference stories
3. Website buyer experience audit
4. Overview of your approach and differentiators
5. Problem-Solution messaging grid
6. Prioritized content list
7. Proforma revenue, win and demand generation plan
8. Promotional plan and budget
9. Marketing resource plan

The outcome is a set of prioritized activities with associated budgets, resources and timelines to help you achieve the goals you set.

We create the strategy collaboratively with our clients, often iterating through a couple of cycles to validate and triangulate the strategy. This helps “keep it real” and gets everyone “bought in” to the journey that lies ahead.

Our approach helps our clients get crystal clear on what will be done, when it will be done, who will do it, and how much it will cost. It often uncovers activities that they can outsource to us or to other partners.