Integrated demand generation campaigns are major campaigns at important times of the year when buying decisions are made.

For example, in the Sales Enablement world, organizations begin planning their January national sales meetings in about September. As a result, we start creating campaigns like this in July so that everything is ready to launch the week after Labor Day and is sustained over at least two months.

An integrated campaign may have the following components:

1. A PDF eBook on national sales meeting best practices
2. A blog article on each best practice with a call to action to download the ebook
3. Advertisements for distribution on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter promoting each blog article
4. A video for each best practice to promote on LinkedIn and YouTube
5. A webinar based on the eBook, for clients and prospects
6. An HTML email invite to clients and prospects to attend the webinar or download the ebook directly
7. Google Ads optimized on the key word “National Sales Meetings” or “Sales Kick-off Meetings”
8. An infographic illustrating the best practices in a single image
9. An “Execugram” campaign promoting your capabilities to create value at a National Sales Meeting

Integrated demand generation campaigns are turnkey and leave nothing to chance. We make it easy for you to execute and get an outstanding return on your investment.