Topics That Resonate

We have written over one thousand articles and created countless content pieces for companies in the human capital and sales enablement industries. Over this time, we’ve learned to create content that resonates best with buyers and to work with your subject matter experts (SMEs) to ensure the content reflects their point-of-view on a topic, and we’ve perfected the power of “content leverage” to wring every ounce of value out of your content creation efforts.

Identifying the topics that resonate most strongly with buyers is the foundation of your editorial strategy. We put you in the shoes of the buyer so you can identify not only topics but the timing of delivery of those topics over the course of the year. We also identify gaps in your current content to determine what you need to provide so the buyer’s journey is more effortless. For example, we often find clients lack proof points to substantiate their position on an issue or claim. We work to try to close those gaps quickly, and with the least effort.

When we work with your SMEs, we want to capture their point-of-view on important issues as efficiently as possible. Your SMEs are probably among the busiest people in your company. We want them to contribute while being respectful of their other commitments.

We do this through our expert interviewing techniques. We start by agreeing on a few topics that are important to your buyers and that your SMEs have some passion about. Once we agree on topics, we draft a series of questions, provide these to the SMEs to review, and schedule an interview. SMEs don’t have to write anything. During the interview, they simply answer questions as if talking to a client. We record the interview, get it transcribed and then edit the transcription into an article. The SME then reviews the article and we’re usually done. We typically can generate four or five articles from a 60 minute interview appointment. Our approach is extremely effective and efficient.

When possible, we try to lead with video, since that’s the preferred medium for content consumers. From one interview on one topic, we can create multiple content assets. For example, from a video, we create a series of short videos and an ebook, and from the ebook we create a series of related blog articles featuring the ebook as a download. We also create email and social media promotions for each article. These promotions drive traffic to the blog article that has the ebook as a download. You get the picture!

All of this enables efficient creation of quality content that reflects the point of view of your subject matter experts. Below are some samples of our work: