Build Your Personal Brand

You’re an expert and you’re passionate about your field. You probably have advanced degrees and may even enjoy writing and being published. However, you’re not a marketer and you struggle to promote your ideas to the right people at the right time.

That’s where we help. We help you define your ideal customer profile, build your contact database and social media followers, and get your ideas in front of the people you want to reach on a regular basis.

When we work with you, we strive to repackage and repurpose content to wring every ounce of value from your ideas while making it more accessible for your audience. For example, we can take a technical white paper and create an ebook. We can then break that ebook down into a series of videos and blog articles that feature the ebook as a download. Then we can create email and social media promotions to get your ideas in front of your target audience.

These promotions help build your personal brand. They draw visitors to your blog where they can watch the video, read the article and download the ebook.

Our approach gives you the best shot at converting your ideas into leads, opportunities and revenue.