Content creation is essential for professionals to build credibility and awareness in the market

Content is the fuel that powers your marketing engine. However, creating enough content takes time and requires expertise to transfer your ideas from your head to the page. When you get busy with clients, content creation is often the first thing to drop to the bottom of your priority list.

Outsourcing content creation in this space is difficult because your clients are sophisticated, and the content quality must be exceptional. The content must also reflect your point of view on each issue. An outside writer must know how to “mine your brain” rather than writing something based on superficial internet research. You must also consider how clients want to consume content. When given a choice, most people prefer to watch TV over reading a book. Content may be king, but video reigns supreme.

We help our clients produce plenty of high quality, relevant content that reflects their point-of-view on important issues. We start by creating an editorial strategy. This means putting yourself in your clients’ shoes to determine the topics that will be most interesting to them. Some topics are time sensitive while others are “evergreen”. We help you sort all of that out.

Once topics are identified, we create a series of questions to help you organize your thoughts. You don’t need to write anything. Just think about the questions and maybe jot down some bullet points. Then we schedule time to interview you. During this session, we cover several topics and knock them into shape in one session. We record and then transcribe the interviews. We then edit the interviews into an article. Then, you give the articles a final review and usually they’re all set for you to publish.

Our “interview format” allows you to simply answer questions about topics on which you’re an expert. We want to capture your authentic thought process and engagement with the topic, as if you were counseling a client. This approach lets you be you reduces your time and effort, and produces a better all-around result.

When possible, we take a “video first” approach, and then edit segments based on your answers to questions we ask you. This gives us content in many different formats to fuel your marketing efforts.