Marketing and Demand Generation Strategies

Marketing has gotten very complex and labor intensive. There are dozens of ways to spend time and money, but what ways will deliver the most impact? For example, do you need to do Twitter or Facebook, or sponsor a big industry event?

When we hear this problem from clients, we usually see that they don’t have a firm understanding of how their buyers buy or the information they need to consider them. Usually, we recommend doing a forensic analysis on their opportunity pipeline to better understand which activities are driving opportunities and revenue and which activities don’t.

When possible, we try to identify the first touch, and the buyer’s journey from prospect to opportunity to revenue. Then we can better adjust the marketing mix to do more of what’s working and less of what’s not.

Often, however, this problem is a danger signal pointing to the need for a proper marketing and demand generation strategy that is informed by the voice of the buyer. That’s something that we do exceptionally well.