Working with the JK research team has been a pure joy. They’re smart, they challenge our thinking, and they’re personable. They allow us to really be ourselves. They take us from where we are today to where we need to be. And they do it in a way that really is genuine.

They’ve done a great job of challenging our current thinking around how we go to market. One of the things that they’ve really done a good job for us is reexamining our social media strategy and what are we pushing out there. Is it just more content? And one of the things that they helped us realize is that the market is flooded with content. We don’t need more content. What we need is a unique approach to getting our message out there. They provided us with several different ways to make that happen.

We’ve already started seeing the impact of that in a very short period of time. The team has really been very cooperative. We get on conference calls and video conferences and we do this on a regular basis. So they’re dedicated to us. They’re dedicated to wanting to see the results that we have.

They’ve taken that term “partnership” and really turned it into something that’s meaningful. Where our company team comes together and where JK research team comes together with the lines clearly are blurred. They are our marketing arm. They are part of our company, and we’re grateful to have that team as part of our team. It’s the only way that we’re really going to grow.

Dario Priolo

Dario is the CEO and Founder of J.K. Research. He brings over 20 years of marketing leadership experience in the human capital and sales enablement industries.

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