HireVue’s Challenge
HireVue was emerging as a dominant player in the video-based recruiting market,
but sought new sources of growth. They identified sales training and coaching as a
possible new application, but had never before sold into sales.

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My Solution
I was retained by HireVue as a subject matter expert to help develop their sales
training and coaching application, drive demand for the new offering, and enable a
specialty sales team to go-to-market. This involved:

1. Training the product development team on the sales training market, and the
way companies buy sales training and coaching solutions.
2. Re-creating a “day-in-the-life” of a sales manager to build coaching workflow
scenarios and requirements for the new product.
3. Developing solution messaging to address the pain that sales managers and
leaders face related to coaching and developing reps.
4. Creating sales support collateral and the product sales training program.
5. Creating the early demand generation strategy and content.

Business Impact
By working with me, HireVue shortened its product development timeline by about
9 months, and brought a much better product to market. HireVue saw an
immediate lift cross-selling the application into its client base. It has been a very
successful product launch.

Dario Priolo

Dario is the CEO and Founder of J.K. Research. He brings over 20 years of marketing leadership experience in the human capital and sales enablement industries.

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