Caliper’s Challenge
Caliper’s growth had stagnated. Despite having broad capabilities, 80% of their
revenue came from one product, which was aging in the market. Caliper lacked
product management, and there was very little to help the sales team introduce
new capabilities to clients. There was no consistency.

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My Solution
I was retained by Caliper to help. A preliminary analysis suggested there was ample
growth opportunity by cross-selling into its existing client base. We did the
following to unlock this growth:

1. Conducted client interviews to better understand their needs and their
perception of Caliper’s capabilities.
2. Facilitated a working session to define Caliper’s core solutions and buyers.
3. Created a “Solution Messaging & Mapping” playbook that captured essential
information to diagnose problems and position Caliper’s capabilities to help
different players who influence buying decisions.
4. Trained the sales and service teams to use the Playbook, and enhance their
cross-selling and upselling skills.

Business Impact
This approach re-energized the organization and provided clarity where there was
none. They immediately identified over $4 million in new opportunities. The
program was taken global and helped drive 50% growth in Brazil.

Dario Priolo

Dario is the CEO and Founder of J.K. Research. He brings over 20 years of marketing leadership experience in the human capital and sales enablement industries.

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